PRICE LIST 2017/2018


Single rides - point cards/pass 

all season       price for a single ride"Winter Garden" for children - one entry
Nr 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
all long season 2,00 zł 5,00 zł

Time and daily skipass

seasontime and daily skipass prices
2 hours4 hours1 day2 days3 days 
to 15.12.2017 30,00 zł 45,00 zł 55,00 zł 105,00 zł 150,00 zł
from 16.12.2017 to 25.02.2018 40,00 zł 55,00 zł 75,00 zł 140,00 zł 195,00 zł
from 26.02.2018 to the end of the season 30,00 zł 45,00 zł 55,00 zł 105,00 zł 150,00 zł

Time and daily skipass - SPECIAL OFFER

STRAMUŚ PASS Monday-Saturday 9:00-12:00 (children BASIC ski course)EVENING PASS
17:00 - 19:00
18:00 - 20:00
to 15.12.2017 x x
from 16.12.2017 to 25.02.2018 180,00 zł 20,00 zł
from 26.02.2018 to the end of the season x x


1. STRAMUS CARD is dedicated for children taking part in winter BASIC ski course organized by Strama Ski School.

2. CARD is valid for six days from Monday to Saturday for 3 hours daily from 9:00 to 12:00.

3. Collection of the card for a course or payment can be made at the ski school where we order a course upon presentation of a confirmation a payment. STRAMUS CARD cannot be used by adults.



Skipass refundable deposit - 10 zł

1. You can use single rides skipass or the time / daily skipass for all Nosal ski lifts excluding Winter Children Garden .

2. We refund money for unused single rides only from point skipass

3. We don refund money from time and daily skipasses .

4. Time and daily skipasses can be used only by one person.

5. The price list is valid from 1.11.2017 . We reserve the right to change prices in season in case of an increase in costs.

6. You are welcome to read our offer for organized and sport groups.

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